Albis Research Services is primarily a family history research service specializing in Australian, British, French and Swiss genealogy. Our genealogical services will endeavour to trace your family history in Australia to possibly find some “Australian Royalty” better known as convict ancestry or perhaps delve into the history of the 1800s when tens of thousands of free settlers chose Australia as the place of opportunity.

We have extensive experience over many decades of tracing elusive relatives and those who wish or wished to remain anonymous.  The increasing genealogical material on the web and in the electronic media is helping discover not only who your relatives were but in many cases puts “flesh on the bones” .  Sometimes we get extremely lucky and uncover interesting and fascinating stories linked with possible new extended family members.

We also have broad and varied experience in  European genealogy especially in the regions of Alsace, France and of Canton Zurich, Switzerland.  These regions can be researched and documented as requested. Documentation and genealogical records in these regions can often be traced back to the early 1700s.