About Us

Albis Research Services is a small family enterprise that has extensive experience in conducting genealogical research, management consulting and creative editing. Below are brief profiles of our principal researchers;

John Eichholzer
John has a BSc (Applied) and Associate Diploma in Management (University of Canberra). Has over 40 years of experience in researching Australian and European genealogy. Has been involved for many years in the transcription of French and Swiss records written in the ancient Latin, German and French scripts of the 1700s. A contributor and volunteer of Swiss Gen.
A co-author of a local club history and co-author of several international chemical research papers. Has prior membership and contributor of the Canberra Historical and Genealogical Society and 30 years working experience in chemistry and management within Australian Tertiary Education.

Margaret Johnston
A trained Secondary Teacher, mother and educator, Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts (ANU) as well as an MBA (Charles Sturt University).  She also has graduate diplomas in Education (Canberra College of Advanced Education) and Professional Accountancy (University of Canberra). She is a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and has had 20 years working experience in accountancy and management within Australian Tertiary Education.



Albis Research Services is a trading name of Albis Enterprises Pty Ltd,  ABN 94 724 007 580